Wall Decor

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    Painted and glazed ceramic wall masks, wreaths, Mardi Gras posters, giant full face decorative masks.
    19 products
    Gold Face White Face
    Glittered Jester Head Piece Green/Gold Face Mask
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    Mask Mardi Gras Jester
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    Large Mardi Gras Wreath
    Solid Gold/Silver Full Face Mask
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    Jester Mask (Purple)
    Blue Silver Red Purple +2
    Small Porcelain Glitter Wall Mask
    Small Ceramic Masquerade Wall Mask
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    Colorful Mardi Gras wreath made of purple, gold, and green ball ornaments
    Mardi Gras wreath
    Fleur De Lis wreath hanger
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    Blue/White/Gold Ceramic Wall Mask
    St. Patrick's Day Wreath
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    Spring Wreath
    Easter Wreath
    Yellow Heart Cross Wreath
    Christmas wreath hanger
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    Mardi Gras wreath with small masks, ornaments, green feathers, gold and purple mesh.
    28" Mardi Gras wreath-1
    Wall decor (face)
    Voodoo Skull Mask
    Mardi Gras Poster Year 2000
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